Vegan Ground Beef – Turn homemade seitan into veggie ground round

Seitan Chunks going through Food Grinder

My goal before the summer is to make the best homemade veggie burger I have ever had! We have tried a large variety of store bought veggie burgers and each has it’s own unique flavours and textures but they all have one thing in common. They are expensive.

For my birthday, my mother-in-law got me a food grinder attachment for our stand-up mixer so I wanted to see if one of my seitan recipes could be turned into vegan ground beef and whether it would hold up well enough to be made into veggie burger patties.

I still have some work to do perfecting the flavour of the burger patties and ensuring they don’t fall apart on the BBQ but putting the seitan through the food grinder turned out really well.

I followed my own recipe for Beef Style Seitan but other setian recipes would work as well.  Check out the results below.

Step 1: Make your setian

You can use this recipe here.


Step 2: Cut up your seitan into chunks

The food grinder attachment for our mixer is quite small so cutting up the seitan into chunks made it easier to put through the grinder and work in batches.

I also chopped up from onions and jalapenos to put through the grinder with the seitan to add some flavours to the burgers I was going to make. Depending on what you plan to use the Vegan Ground Beef for you could skip this step.

Chopped Seitan

Step 3: Put seitan through food grinder

Slowly add chunks of seitan to the food grinder and push through. Place a bowl or plate at the end of the food grinder to catch the ground seitan.


Step 4: Put your vegan ground beef to use

You now have a giant bowl of vegan ground beef that can be used to make vegan burger patties, vegan meatballs, tacos, or whatever else your heart desires! Below are the burger patties I made. They tasted awesome but fell apart a bit when flipped. I am working on the  recipe and will post it once perfect.

Vegan Burger Patties


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